Connor Graham is in the business of helping people.

Freelance content marketer, author of #StartUpLine blog and entrepreneur from the Kitchener-Waterloo area in Southern Ontario, Canada.
Marketing Consultant - Connor Graham Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge
Connor Graham


I describe creative ways to manage “you” to optimize your overall performance as an employee, an entrepreneur or a small business.

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Interview Series

The StartUp Line Interview Series talks to big business founders, small business owners and successful entrepreneurs for an inside look their success. From conception to present we talk about what's facing business today, and the hurdles they jumped in their early years to get where they are now. 


When is the last time you purposely clicked on an online advertisement? If you want to get attention online you have to earn it.

Your business needs to create useful content that people search for. Most businesses create advertisements that people actively avoid.

Creating a strong brand takes a great story. I will help you craft a story through blogging, video creation, and social media.