5 Types of Stress That Make you Miserable and How to Solve Them

According to the American Institute of Stress 3 out of 4 doctor visits in the United States are stress related. Let’s face it your life is stressful and something needs to change.

You work as much as you sleep, and you spend little time with the people you care about.

You have a massive debt that constantly hangs over your head.

You’re fat and unhealthy due to poor eating habits and low activity levels.

You’re constantly comparing yourself to unrealistic standards.

There are 168 hours a week, on average in one week we work 46.5 hours, sleep for 49 hours, and spend 4.2 hours commuting to and from work. Click to tweet this! 

That leaves only leaves you 68.3 hours devoted to you. Make it a personal goal to do these 5 things to reduce stress, and seriously improve the quality of your life.

1. Work: Turn off Work When You’re at Home


When you are not working do something that can take your mind completely off work. It’s important to turn work off when you’re suppose to be relaxing. 

Unfortunately we can’t have complete control over our co-workers, bosses, and some other work-related stressors. What you can control is your personal performance and your mental mindset at work to reduce the likelihood of stress inducing incidents like negative feedback and errors. Increasing your performance at work can also in turn get you a promotion or increase your sales further reducing your stress levels by getting more access to income.

Your mindset is also a big influencer for stress. If you are constantly negative about work, you will condition yourself to feel negative while working. If you hate your job, you hate on average 46.5 hours of your life per week.

2. Make a Financial Plan 


Get your debt under control. Most of your money leaves your pocket to pay for purchases you made months or even years ago. Make it your goal to pay off your smallest debt as quickly as possible.

Money is considered the second highest cause of stress. Proper financial planning can reduce the stress related to money and make your finances perform better for you. A great financial plan will organize your finances in a way that can help you achieve your financial goals and give you peace of mind that you have a plan to rid yourself of the stress of your debts. Unfortunately there are many people who call themselves financial planners who are nothing more than sales people pushing a product. There are many that will sell you investments based on their commission first, and your financial plan second.

Fortunately there are resources to find a great accredited financial planner. If you’re interested in finding a Certified Financial Planner, the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) works to maintain a quality of standards in the financial planning industry. To ensure you’re getting the best advice for your goals search your CFP Financial Planner by name in the FPSC database, here.

If you would rather manage your own finances visit Matt at Your Finances.

3. Live an Active Lifestyle 


Frequent exercise has many obvious physical benefits however the mental benefits are rarely noted. Physical exercise is commonly used as a stress management tool. A quick workout after a bad day at work can turn your night around by allowing you to break your focus on the negative. I personally use my workout as a buffer between my work and home life allowing me to come home without the stress of work on my mind.

If you haven’t stepped foot into a gym it can be brutally intimidating for the first time. To get myself comfortable with working out, I used Freeletics. It provides you with a plan to workout from home and push yourself by connecting with others through the community board. This helped me shake some of the stress of being a beginner.

Exercise can aid your brain in the release of endorphins which are chemicals known to naturally reduce pain and aid sleep. This in turn will help you feel less stressed. You can read more about the benefit of exercise and anxiety on a recent article posted by OurBetterHealth.

Disease and chronic pain can also cause overwhelming stress. If you live with a chronic disease it’s important to figure out a way to cope with the difficulties and pain. You may also benefit from frequenting a form for people who share your illness. I’m not a medical professional, see your doctor about managing your symptoms.

4. Eat Healthy 


Eating poorly causes stress on your body by failing to provide it the nutrition it needs to function properly. This can cause sleep deprivation, poor athletic performance, declining cognitive abilities etc.

All of which, you guessed it – cause mental stress. “You are what you eat”, so when you constantly eat poorly you might look the part, too.

Eating healthy will make you feel much better physically and mentally. You will be surprised by how quickly eating clean will benefit you. You don’t need to follow the most recent diet trends, simply eat more vegetables and work to remove processed foods from your daily diet. Working out only accounts for a small portion of being physically fit.

5. Fix Your Closest Relationships


Whether it be a spouse, parent, sibling or best friend, fix any wrongs you’ve done. It’s common to hurt the people you love, but you can manage this stress by sincerely making efforts to fix a wrong. If someone has hurt you, forgive them.

The inability to forgive is a problem you personally have. Carrying the stress of an old issue is not worth your health, or your relationship to a loved one.

Fix your relationship with you. Loving yourself is a decision that you yourself make. Forgive yourself for mistakes you’ve made, find joy in the small things and give yourself things to love about you by constantly learning and working on being better than yesterday. Battling your own issues will help you reduce your stress in relationships with others.

Get your life under control

Think of your life without lying awake in bed at night thinking about money. Without feeling stress and anger building up when you talk about your job. Without your chest tightening when you think of a loved one.

Imagine your life if you looked a little more fit and if you felt healthier. You could make all of that happen starting now. Pick one of the five items and do something right now to reconcile these 5 stressors.

If your stress is beyond control please use the resources made available on Canadian Mental Health Association.

Thank you for reading this. If you liked this article please do me the favour of sharing it. I greatly appreciate your support.

Connor Graham

Connor Graham

Hi, I'm Connor Graham. I help others achieve financial freedom and self-improvement through my tips, ideas and insight. Combining my knowledge of real estate, finance and marketing, I describe creative ways to manage your finances and invest in yourself.

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