Time Management for Small Business Owners

Time management will give you more time. If you had more time to start your dream business, what would it be?

I’m what’s called a 10% entrepreneur. I work my full-time job, I also author a blog and offer marketing services to other small businesses. There is no way to do all of that without time management.

I don’t know what the hell changed in me, but only one year ago I said I couldn’t even find time to workout after my day job.

Three months ago I was wondering how I was going to fit building a website around my job and working out.

Today I’m sitting here trying to add marketing consulting meetings around everything else.

How can I manage to do all of this? I cut the space between the conception of an idea and action.

I wrote at length about being more efficient and overcoming your fear of failing here.

Do what you know how to do now, and learn what you don’t immediately after.

You have infinite time if you think of it when you run out of time you’re dead anyways.

Building your dream is simple. Think and do.

You have time, but you’re just spending it doing other things that probably mean very little to you. The reason that I am going to make myself successful is that I stopped disrespecting my time, and you should too.

I’m sick of hearing “I would do ______ if I had more time.”

You have all the time in the world. Elon Musk and a crack head have the same amount of time per day. Think about that.

Every hour you spend making yourself better is an hour closer to your goals. Every hour you waste is an hour further. 

I don’t mean to stop taking breaks and work like animals. In fact, I’ll admit I could still work harder. Take account of your breaks. If you don’t manage your time you will manage to ruin your goals.

Give purpose to what you are spending your time on. When I played video games and watched TV for eight hours last weekend I didn’t look at it as a waste. I recognized that I needed the entertainment and defrag after a long week.

Work your ass off until you deserve a break and only take what you need. Only taking breaks when needed is a huge aspect of time management.

What is the best part of optimizing time? I’m never bored because boredom is the lack of inspiration.

If you’re bored, start looking for inspiration. Stop moping around wishing you had something to do. That’s our primitive response to being idle, reminding you that you need to keep busy. In ancient times if you weren’t doing anything, you would die, like your dreams when you don’t do anything about them.

Can you account for all of your purchases in the past three days? Probably, but can you account for your time in the last three days?

Time is money, right? Manage your time like you would with money and start thinking about how you spend it.

When I started doing real time management accounting, I found that I wasted a shit ton of time. The difference between me a year ago and me today is mainly that I spend my time working towards goals that matter to me.

Every day I feel achievement, I feel pressure to be better, and most of all I’m pursuing something bigger than a day to day work grind. Spending time working on a personal project is a great investment. If it fails what happens? You waste a little time from your infinite time bank.

Stop saying you don’t have time.

We all have the same 24 hour day. I didn’t sacrifice my life to start pursuing a business. I’m sitting in a Tim Hortons at 6:19 on a Saturday night closing out this article. At 8:00 PM I’m heading to a party.

To be a 10% entrepreneur you don’t need to lose your free time. You need to stop wasting time. By managing your time and working on your own project you will feel a huge life shift towards greatness.

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Connor Graham,

Marketing consultant, blogger and personal performance strategist.

Connor Graham

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