Willpower is More Power

Real lasting change takes willpower. When you look for quick fix solutions you’re admitting defeat. So by looking for a diet pill, you’re telling yourself that you can’t eat healthy on your own.

You’ll grow immensely when you start focusing on finding “the way”, instead of “the easiest way”.

The reason people never follow their inspiration is because it’s really hard. When something’s difficult it’s a lot easier to give up than it is to learn how to overcome it.

Fueling willpower.

Think of willpower as gasoline in a car. You have a limited amount that you can expend, until you need to refuel. Without fuel, your car won’t move.

The problem is, you spend most of your fuel driving places you don’t want to go. You get stuck in traffic that you don’t want to sit in and travel in the wrong direction of your destination.

Are you feeling lost in your car? Is your willpower tank on empty?

My tank was empty when I got home.

I spent it getting out of bed on time for work.

I spent it making lunch and breakfast instead of buying something.

I spent it being nice to rude people at work.

I spent it going to the gym after work.

By the time I got home to my family and girlfriend I was out of gas.

How can you expect to have a healthy relationship and a happy life when you have no willpower to control irrational emotions?

The smaller your willpower tank, the quicker you’ll burn out.

Develop more willpower.

Now think of willpower as a muscle. The first time you work your muscle to exhaustion it’s going to be tough. When you push it to the limit, your body will adapt to the change and your muscle will grow.

The more willpower you develop the more you can spend.

I gained a lot of willpower when I quit smoking, and if you’ve ever quit smoking, you will understand how much it takes.

Now that I’ve been a non-smoker long enough, it takes little effort to avoid smoking.

The same principle is applied to things like dieting, too. At first changing your diet can be very difficult. When it becomes a routine, eating healthy won’t require the same amount of willpower.

Reduce the use of willpower.

When it comes to willpower, don’t think of the future. Worrying about future willpower struggles is a waste your fuel. When I tried quitting smoking the first few times, I failed because I couldn’t picture myself as a non-smoker forever.

If I mentally pictured my battle in the moment rather than by the day,  I wouldn’t have been as overwhelmed by thinking of the future.

My tip? Lie to yourself until you believe it.

When you’re making a big change in your life, stop thinking of it as a big change. For example, instead of saying, “I’m trying to eat healthily.” say, “I eat healthily”. This will frame it as something you do, rather than something you are trying to do, making it more manageable of a feat.

Eventually, you’ll be a healthy eater, and you won’t be struggling with the willpower battle anymore.

Don’t get stuck in the loop of trying to change. How many people do you know who are dieting on and off for their entire life?

You can cut your usage by making sustainable lasting changes. Don’t spend your decision-making on change, be the change you are trying to make.

Be selfish with your willpower

Stop spending willpower on getting up for work and answering rude people with nice responses. Instead, think of those things as they are; a part of life.

It’s not a decision that you need to spend willpower on, it’s how it is.

Spend your fuel on getting to your destination and giving the people you love the patience that they deserve after they’ve had a day of getting up early and dealing with rude people.

Don’t choose to be nice to that rude person. Be nice.

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Connor Graham,

Marketing consultant, blogger and personal performance strategist.

Connor Graham

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